The Kulturplanner –
get to know your clients.
Which theatre production had the highest ticket returns? Which was the best-selling exhibition? Which day of the week attracted the most visitors? The Kulturplanner will tell you. At the push of a button it supplies you with all required information for efficient and effective work in the area of marketing and sales.

The Kulturplanner automates daily reporting (e.g. ABC analysis, portfolio analysis), supplies the latest data and considerably reduces work related to analyses and simulations by means of in-memory technology. As a consequence, your marketing and distribution department will have much less work and you will benefit from time and cost-saving as well.

Additionally, the Kulturplanner will help you to take an accurate look at your customer profiles and analyse them using the information from customer data.
For instance you might want to create customer groups according to different criteria and then evaluate them – that means you would be able to plan marketing and advertising methods according to specific target groups without too much wastage. Ideally, that knowledge should establish the basis for an optimum pricing strategy.

The Kulturplanner can also become your partner in the field of revenue and yield management. It contains tools for simultaneous and computer-aided price and capacity control, focusing on a dynamic, demand-oriented price policy.

Evaluation results of past campaigns and research into marketing processes can also be used for developing new strategies. Tracking distribution channels and efficiency factors can assist in decision-making for the future of the organization.
Your advantages at a glance:
Automatic reporting system
Flexible and high-capacity detailed analysis (to the last seat if necessary)
Support in analytical and operative customer relationship management (CRM)