The Kulturplanner –
it certainly pays off.
Probably most controlling departments in the cultural sector have been faced with this problem: relevant data are scattered within different systems and have to be collected for an overall survey. Time and again. At the expense of time and work management.

The Kulturplanner automatically deals with that job for you. That means you will be investing less time in collecting and checking data. At the push of a button you can access all important information within one single system and save up to 70% time for controlling – whether at the office or mobile, e.g. via iPhone.

The Kulturplanner also offers you supporting functions: figure analysis, financial planning, checking on targets, key figure calculation, optionally for projects, sectors or for the whole organisation. Equipped with data and calculation security, the Kulturplanner guarantees data consistency and integrity. Classical error sources like results calculated from spreadsheets, false formulas or inadvertently copied or deleted cells no longer exist.
All economical functions such as links to income statements, cash flow and balance statements are preprogrammed in the Kulturplanner. Its database guarantees that you always have access to secure information.

One single user interface provides technical and artistic decision-makers with data and analyses which are easily understandable and transparent. Moreover, the calculation system makes sure that each member of staff has their own individual access to important sector-related information.

If you have assigned sectoral budgets, the staff who are responsible for them will receive the relevant key figures from the accountancy department in due time via the Kulturplanner. On that basis, those people will then be able to make further flexible requests in order to trace developments back to the receipt-level – and if necessary and available, even to a scanned receipt. That means all other departments will have less queries to deal with. On the other hand, it will not be possible to gain direct access to any operative system or its sensitive data structures (e.g. accountancy).
Your advantages at a glance:
Less work and more time-saving by means of automated data collection
Permanent and daily access to data

Support of all controlling tasks – from planning, reporting and key figures to simulations and key figures
Flexible interfaces for various proto-systems and simple data integration
Management information system for responsible persons with authorization systems