The Kulturplanner –
helps you stay on the ball
In order to keep ahead of developments and steer your organisation in the right direction, you need a solid basis for decision-making. And you need it anytime and anywhere.

The Kulturplanner provides you with all relevant details at the push of a button: key figures, analyses and reports. From the bird's eye view (dashboard-view) to the evaluation of detailed data, and if necessary, to each single record.

After a brief implementation period, all data generated within your organisation will be integrated into the Kulturplanner, and connected and evaluated according to your own special requirements. In that way, you will be able to get a quick picture of the overall business situation as well as of individual sectors and their development.
No matter whether you are in or out of office, you can get the required information via your iPhone, Blackberry or Smartphone, for meetings or while working on trips.

With the Kulturplanner you can look into the past as well as into the future. Its flexible interfaces allows the user to integrate and evaluate historical data (e.g. in order to demonstrate long-term processes). With the aid of simulations, you can project various future scenarios – which is a great advantage with respect to risk management. All original data will remain unchanged.

The Kulturplanner will additionally assist you in your communication work. Reports for internal and external addressees are generated on request. And you can fully rely on the integrity of the data.
Your advantages at a glance:
Information at the push of a button, anytime and anywhere (webClient, mobile client)
Short implementation period, supervised by our experts, tailor-made

Possibility of evaluating (comprehensive) historical data and using available information for forward-looking decisions

Possibility of creating your own simulations (adaptation of ticket prices, risk management, etc.)
Communication support and reduction of work load at the same time