The Kulturplanner –
generates information from data.
What do your bookkeeping, your ticket system and your payroll department have in common? Nothing at the moment, but you can change that by means of the Kulturplanner.

The Kulturplanner was especially developed for the requirements of the cultural sector and has been thoroughly tested. It uses existing systems and fetches all the data you need for analysis and planning work via flexible interfaces. Independent of any particular format, these data are connected and results are made accessible via a clear and easily operable user interface. With its automatic data synchronization, the Kulturplanner makes sure that you always have access to the latest information.
Questions like "Which day of the week attracted the most visitors? What effects do modified admission fees have? Did the last production pay off? And how much scope do we have for the next one?" can be answered at the push of a button without time-intensive compilation and comparison of figures. You can do it both in and out of office e.g. via iPhone.

In that way, the Kulturplanner not only provides the basis for well-founded and quick decisions, it also helps to save valuable working time and thus allows you to mobilize hitherto unused potential in your cultural organisation.

The Kulturplanner is quickly implemented and easily adapted and, thanks to the available tools, allows you to compile your own reports and analyses any time you like.
Your advantages at a glance:
Organizes all data for controlling and monitoring your business in one system
Adaptable to the requirements of your cultural organisation
Daily information and detailed analyses at the push of a button
100% data integrity assured
Clear user interface, easy operability
Immediate evaluations and analyses thanks to "In-Memory-Technology"
Available via internet or mobile client anytime